Our future is being held hostage by politicians who put polluters over people.

Big Oil-backed politicians are doing exactly what you’d expect them to do: actively trying to undermine clean energy progress for the sake of corporate polluters’ gain. They continue to push harmful legislation to prioritize and fast-track fossil fuel jobs over clean energy jobs while weakening environmental protections for frontline communities.

Under the guise of “permitting reform,” these efforts are nothing more than giveaways to the fossil fuel and extraction industries. We must stop these dirty, racist deals and fight for real policies and reforms that focus on a clean energy future, not a dirty fossil fuel past.

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A polluter's wishlist

President Biden and members of Congress continue to compromise with Big Oil in order to appease industry donors by pushing their dangerous and harmful agenda. These dirty deals:

Give big polluters free rein to build dangerous projects wherever and whenever they want
Silence frontline communities by rolling back critical environmental review processes for harmful fossil fuel and mining projects
Give handouts to the fossil fuel industry, accelerating their record-breaking profits

Our future at risk

We must build a clean energy future, not the dirty fossil fuel past.

Big Oil-backed policies would set us back, putting everything at risk — a strong economy, the health and safety of families across the nation, and clean air and water. We need President Biden and Congress to listen to communities, reduce harmful pollution, and combat the climate crisis.

The dirty deals would repeal many of the programs in the Inflation Reduction Act - legislation that spurred $150B in new investments and over 100,000 new clean energy jobs
The dirty deals would fast-track dangerous fossil fuel projects that pose a serious risk to health and livelihood, particularly in frontline communities
The deals directly undercut massive gains made by the Biden administration and exacerbate the climate crisis by defunding agencies that work to cut climate pollution and protect our air and water
The dirty deals are another form of environmental racism, forcing more fossil fuel projects on the predominantly Black, brown, Indigenous, and low-income communities who are on the frontlines of pollution

The Dirty Debt Ceiling

This May, Congress passed a dirty debt ceiling deal that gutted important environmental protections and instructed federal agencies to approve the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a 303-mile fracked gas pipeline that cuts through the heart of Appalachia. These moves had nothing to do with reducing the debt — they were a corrupt handout to Big Oil and their friends in Congress.

The resistance to the Mountain Valley Pipeline continues!

Keep Big Oil out of clean energy

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